Hijinks in the palace: winter edition

Over at her own lj, feliciter takes xsmoonshine's prompt (in italics, below) and runs with it:
This is not wise, but Fu Chai has done many things that his advisors have called unwise since he became King.

"Be still, Gou Jian! How do you expect Us to capture your mouth if you keep twisting it about in that way? Move closer, and look directly at Us."

The king of Yue throws his chin up defiantly, and shifts into a more comfortable position, but does as he is told. Good, good, Fu Chai mutters, bending forward. The look of intense concentration returns to his eyes as one hand tightens its grasp and the other begins to move again -

The door bursts open with a crash. Wu Zi Xu gapes at the sight before him, followed by panicked attendants and a bemused Bo Pi.

"Majesty! Have You no concern for Your dignity and Your welfare?"

"Chancellor, we're both warmly dressed. But, haven't you made a snow-man before?"
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flemmings fic ... a whole year of it! @_@

so that I can ref. and read it whenever ... I hope it's ok with you j?

I guess I stick a warning just incase some innocent falls over these that haven't .. . Spoilers for here and there and everywhere ..
warning that these are NOT all the titles of each piece, more what came to mind when I read them. ^__^ I bow in the brilliance of prolificity

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and ohhhh what a wonderful year it's been ... I look forward to this year!

I hope this post is ok by all of you. and not stepping on any toes! ^__^ There was one made last year ... but there's been ... *looks up in awe* a few additions since then.

So maybe this can be considered an updated post?

Please point out any mistakes I have made ok. That is all.
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Good heavens. Uncle Ming sings. It's the Japanese influence, I swear. You can't *just* be an actor, you must sing as well.

Oh, and here, utterly incomprehensible to the unChinesed, is bits from the making of, to be cherished for glimpses of Gou Jian wandering about with a cigarette in his mouth.
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Gou Jian, Wen Zhong, Fan Li: mainly eps 17-20 thoughts

So feliciter remarked in response to my rewatch
I'm rewatching the Wen Zhong bits and feeling sorrier for him because, let's face it, Gou Jian's attitude towards him can be summed up by 1) "I can't hear you"; 2) Fan Li next to him, Wen Zhong one step below them; 3) oh-Wen-Zhong-there-you-are-in-the-stocks-bidding-me-take-care-of-myself-*turns around to the others after barely acknowledging him*.
And I on my fifteenth rewatch (OK- fifth) had a close look at those scenes, especially the last.
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fic post


Fic: Deserts of the Heart

Lord these prompts are a series of downers. Not that the series itself is full of joy, but the opportunities for bb silliness are few and far between.

Title: The Deserts of the Heart
Day/Theme: Feb. 22 - "My heart is hardn'd, I cannot repent"
Series: Woxin changdan/The Great Revival
Character/Pairing: Gou Jian, Ya Yu
Spoilers: Eps 18 to end
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